About us

    Ville Forte is the operator of LPG storage and transshipment complex in Izmail port, based on long term exploitation contract, and providing forwarding services for cargo transportation.

   For this moment there are 3 LPG transshipment terminals in three Ukrainian ports – Odessa, Chernomorsk, Reni. Terminal in Izmail port will be the 4 LPG terminal in Ukraine.

   Infrastructure of the terminal consists of: LPG storage with total volume for 2970 cbm; railway road with overpass which possible to do transshipment operation with 14 wagons simultaneously; auto truck overpass with weight control and a pumping station, which has a semi-auto control. The construction of the terminal is on the final stage (commissioning works).

   The second stage of construction of the terminal is intended to complete the equipment of the berthing line and the pipeline system for loading and unloading operations with sea and river vessels.

   The project capacity of the terminal is 120 thousand tons per year.

   Missions of the company are: to meet the needs and develop the liquefied gas market, provide quality service, safety and responsibility at all stages of the work.

   The company’s social responsibility is to follow the policy of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment. Creating jobs in the Izmail region, promoting the development of navigation on the Danube.