Our benefits

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    Competitive advantages of using the services of Ville Forte:

  • Full range of services for the organization of transport by different transport;
  • Provision of freight forwarding and stevedoring services;
  • Competitive prices. Ability to provide optimal tariffs and conditions for transshipment and delivery of goods in many areas;
  • Direct contracts for the organization of transportation with railways, stevedoring companies;
  • Presence of own financial resources for accomplishing the tasks;
  • Wide opportunities to enter the main segments of the transport services market;
  • Unique professional experience and competence of the personnel;
  • Protection of interests of clients in all structures involved in the transportation process.

Advantages of the “Izmail” Complex

    Saving transport costs in comparison with the main alternative LPG supply routes from CIS to the Balkans (Giurgiulesti, Vadul-Sire exp., Dyakovo exp., Reni-port exp.)

    Saving transport costs, by reducing the period of turnover of wagons:

  • A shorter route by rail on the CIS territory
  • More developed railway track on the route through the territory of Ukraine.

    Storage Park with total capacity 2970 m3: it allows to discharge of wagons in time, build ship lots up to 2000 tons per day, amortize possible technological failures and disruptions in the schedule of deliveries both by rail and on the Danube River.

    Geographical location allows to ensure a competitive range of LPG supplies to Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, southern regions of Ukraine.

    The terminal is a logistic hub and the main element of various multimodal schemes, which determines its diversification and ability to adapt to transport and trade changes.

    Technical capabilities of the terminal make it possible to provide simultaneously road, rail and water transshipment operations.